What is Princeton Innovators Guild?

We believe that it is time for a Guild; not of enterprises that are alike, but of like-minded enterprises that complement each other.

When businesses collaborate, they can build on each other and improve the group as a whole by providing more advanced services and products. Coworking should be about more than just a place to sit - it should be about community, innovation, collaboration, and increasing the strength of your business. Princeton’s rich history of technology and innovation has spurred an increased desire for coworking opportunities in the area. Learn about the benefits of joining Princeton Innovators Guild.


Princeton Innovators Guild provides a streamlined approach to directed consulting. Under single management, consumers will have access to a group of organizations providing best of breed like-minded services to offer more powerful solutions. From marketing and deep data analytics, to cloud IT services and security, businesses now have a place to consolidate all of their needs in one office, through one point of contact. Guild members collaborate with one another in one space to provide a convenient and expert service. With PIG, there is a way to do it all at one place without hindering quality of service.

Real Estate

Princeton Innovators Guild is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative learning and working environment. Whether you need a single desk or a personal office, we provide members with ample space to work alongside amenities such as unlimited conference room use, kitchenette, Wifi, Princeton mailing address, and more. We are an organization of businesses that collaborate through shared knowledge and resources. 


At Princeton Innovators Guild, we're adamant about building a great community. We host monthly Meetups - "ThinkUP Thursday" - where we find engaging speakers to come visit and share their knowledge with the group. We also have monthly Lunch & Learn events, which build community and provide more tactical knowledge and skills to our members. The Guild also looks for other opportunities for our members, from partnering with Princeton Chamber of Commerce and the NJTC, to providing discounts to events like TEDx, our goal is to provide great value to our membership by strengthening the community we work and live in.